Monday, May 29, 2017

Watermelon Summer

unique vintage watermelon dress

Happy Memorial Day! I actually get the day off today, so I'm excited to spend time with my guy and eat some tasty BBQ. Since today is the unofficial start of summer, I thought this Unique Vintage watermelon dress would be perfect for the occasion.

watermelon dress
watermelon outfit
unique vintage dress

This is actually my second watermelon piece from UV (see how I wore their watermelon skirt here), and I really love this dress a lot. I sized up in this one because there's really no stretch in the fabric and I'm between sizes, according to the size chart. It could probably be taken in a tiny bit in the waist, but it's definitely the right fit up top. I can't wait to wear this all summer long! If you've been eyeing this beauty (or anything else at Unique Vintage), you can snag it for 20% off today! Just use the code MEM20 at checkout.

watermelon print
boater hat
unique vintage
Outfit Details
Watermelon Dress: c/o Unique Vintage
Hat: similar  ||  Wicker bag: Chicwish
Jessica Simpson flats: Amazon

lilac rochester ny
Have a great holiday!

Monday, May 22, 2017


pinup girl clothing italian landscape skirt

Hello and happy Monday! I had such a nice weekend that I really didn't want it to end... but this sunny skirt is making my morning a little bit more bearable. I was never really drawn to the red colorway of this Italian landscape skirt, but the yellow version makes all the difference for me. I was so happy to find that the shade is actually a lovely butter yellow, rather than the saturated canary in the stock photos. Plus, this skirt has pom-poms and pockets!

venice skirt
italian landscape skirt
pinup girl clothing jenny skirt
boater hat
landscape print skirt

Of course, the Erie Canal is a perfect backdrop for this skirt. It's my nautical go-to, like with my other Venice print dress from Trashy Diva (seen here). I definitely have my favorite photo spots, but now that it's getting warmer out, I'm exploring all of the beauty the Rochester area has to offer. I still don't love taking photos in very public places, but my eagerness to find pretty new locations outweighs my self-consciousness (...sometimes).

boater hat with ribbon
pinup girl clothing
pinup girl harley top
pinup girl italian landscape jenny skirt yellow
Outfit Details
Top, Skirt, and Boater Hat: Pinup Girl Clothing
Aerosoles Flats: Amazon

gondola print skirt

Have a great start to your week!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Dogwood and Magnolia

trashy diva dogwood alexa

I'd been waiting to wear this Trashy Diva dress for months! When the Dogwood collection came out, things were still really snowy here. But I knew the magnolia trees in Highland Park would be the perfect backdrop, so I patiently put off taking these photos until they were in bloom. They're mostly gone now, but I'm glad I was able to capture them while they lasted!

trashy diva dogwood
dogwood dress
trashy diva alexa dress

I'm absolutely in love with this print, but now I wish I had gotten the skirt instead of the Alexa dress. It's really a cute style, but since side zips are my arch nemesis, I'm hoping I can eventually find the dogwood skirt in my size. This collection is nearly sold out online, so I'll have to keep a sharp eye on eBay...

...Or hope that they might just have some at one of the Trashy Diva boutiques... because Ashley and I just booked our girls' trip to NOLA for this August!! I'm SO excited! We planned to go last summer, but had to put it off because of my new job/apartment. It's a trip that's long overdue. I can't wait for us to plan out our itinerary (i.e., where we are going to eat). If you have any favorite places in New Orleans, we could definitely use your recommendations! 

trashy diva dogwood
trashy diva dress
magnolias highland park
trashy diva
dogwood print dress
Outfit Details
Alexa Dress in Dogwood: Trashy Diva
Dogwood necklace: vintage  (similar)  ||  Hat: vintage (similar)
Chase & Chloe shoes: Amazon


Did you all have a nice Mother's Day? The weather is supposed to be beautiful this week, which is ideal for the Lilac Festival! I'm determined to get my fill of my favorite flowers. After a few weeks of chilly, in-between weather, I'm so happy that spring is finally here!

Have a great start to your week!

Monday, May 8, 2017


bernie dexter tomato dress

As much as I want to be better with remixing my pieces here on the blog, I still struggle with the idea of repeating outfits. I styled this Bernie Dexter dress a few years ago... somehow, I feel like that's too recent! It's one of my favorite prints, but I always forget I have it! (I guess that's what happens when you collect clothes as a hobby...) I've been wanting to pair it with this great pin from Kate Gabrielle, which is not only on-theme, but is also very true of me (and Sophia Loren). There's one problem with this outfit, though: I'm so suggestible that I want pasta every time I look at these photos!

tomato print dress
everything you see i owe to spaghetti pin
tomato dress chelsea bernie dexter
Outfit Details
Bernie Dexter Dress: old (but here's a vegetable dress!)
Pin: Kate Gabrielle  ||  Flats: Amazon

bernie dexter
Have a delicious start to your week!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fortune Teller

pinup girl clothing fortune teller skirt

One of the reasons I love blogging is that taking photos gives me the perfect excuse to spend time alone in nature. Since things are finally blooming, I'm taking every opportunity I can to get outside. This outfit may not be super-springy, but at least my surroundings are!

pinup couture fortune teller skirt
rochester ny highland park spring
heart of haute marilyn top

I wasn't initially sure I wanted this skirt (Ashley bought me the matching headscarf a while back, which I thought would tide me over), but I took a chance and ended up ordering it. I'm actually really glad I did, because it's really comfortable and cute! I tend to wear my *spookier* prints only in the fall, but this is one I can wear all year round.

fortune teller skirt
astrology fortune skirt
pinup girl clothing
Outfit Details
Top: c/o Unique Vintage
Necklace: similar
Flats: Amazon

rochester ny magnolia

It looks like the weather's going to be pretty crummy for the next week or so, which means I have absolutely NO excuse not to get my very-overdue spring cleaning done. Aside from the actual dirty work, I definitely need to clean out my closet again... which means you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for another Shop My Closet update one of these days. Stay tuned...

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Country Castles

emily and fin tuscan landscape print

Happy May Day! When I was little, my mom would make little May baskets filled with flowers to leave on neighbors' steps. (I seem to recall they had a handle for hanging on doorknobs, but I might not be remembering this correctly.) It's a tradition that isn't really done much anymore, but I think it's kind of a lovely sentiment... even though I really don't make friends with my neighbors (oops). While spring technically started a while ago, it's only now starting to feel that way here. I'm determined to soak it up while it lasts!

boater hat
apple blossoms rochester ny
emily and fin dress

This dress from Emily and Fin is a quintessential spring staple. The print is so pretty, and I instantly felt more cheerful when I put it on. I tend to wear my pieces from Emily and Fin quite a bit, as I love the quality of the cotton and the fact that they're lined and have pockets. Emily and Fin now has individual size charts for each piece, which is incredibly helpful. However, I will say that fellow well-endowed ladies might do well to choose your size based on the bust measurement (and, if in doubt, order a size up). Since the fabric really has no stretch to speak of, you may find that you'll be more comfortable with a little extra room.

emily and fin lucy dress tuscan landscape
landscape print dress

I was inspired by the landscape in this print – which is supposed to be Tuscany – to head to one of my favorite hidden spots in Rochester, the Sunken Gardens at Warner Castle. The last time I was here, I did a Cinderella-inspired shoot with my friend Rusty (you can see it here). I even saw our same little cat friend we met before! It's not quite as green there yet, but I'm sure I'll be back later on in the season to snap some more photos!

emily & fin
italian landscape print
emily and fin modcloth
Outfit Details
Lucy Dress in Painted Tuscan Landscape: c/o Emily and Fin
Boater hat: similar ||  Bracelet: old  ||  Flats: similar

emily and fin lucy dress

Have a great start to your week!
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